Vision Aid Overseas becomes Vision Action

The rebrand is underpinned by the charity’s 2030 strategy and commitment to affordable eye care services

KY Vision Action
Vision Action
Vision Aid Overseas, which works to enable people living in poverty to access affordable eye care and glasses, has revealed a rebrand into Vision Action.

Founded in 1985, the charity explained that it has been helping support people in low to middle income countries to see clearly for more than 30 years: “To help keep transforming lives whilst supporting long-term sustainable programmes, Vision Aid Overseas is evolving into Vision Action.”

Vision Action will continue supporting countries to build Vision Centres, self-sufficient sites where patients can receive a free walk-in eye test, purchase an affordable pair of spectacles, or be referred if necessary.

Under the new branding, the charity said it will also continue to train teachers and eye care professionals, and ensure schools and communities have access to eye care.

“With action, we can all help to create affordable eye care services; support people living with poor eyesight and reach those in the remotest of areas – making sure that no-one is left behind,” the charity shared.

Amber Woodward-Brown, director of fundraising and communications at Vision Action, said: "We have been delighted to have so much engagement around our recent rebranding and are excited to share the new refreshed brand: Vision Action. We will be continuing to focus on supporting and building a clearer future for everyone involved in our country programmes, from teachers to students, to the communities we are empowering.”

“This exciting next chapter is supported by our partners throughout the sector and is unpinned by our strategy to 2030, refreshing our commitment to enabling access to eye care for all,” Woodward-Brown added.

Vision Action has outlined three key goals as part of its Strategy to 2030, including: continuing to support the development of Human Resources for Eye health, strengthening essential eye health services at schools, communities, and Vision Centres, and promoting the engagement and mobilisation of communities.

Vision Action will be at 100% Optical, 25 – 27 February 2023 in London, on stand W191.