Guide to eye strain created for those with learning disabilities

SeeAbility has created the easy-to-read online guide, which advises people to use the 20:20:20 method while using screens

teen on laptop

A new resource has been developed to reduce eye strain in people with learning disabilities.

The easy-to-read online guide, entitled Screen use and your eyes, is made for both practitioners and patients, and focuses on screen use and eye care.

The downloadable factsheet has been designed to help share important messages around eye care and the use of computers, tablets and phones during the pandemic. 

It advises people to look away from their screens every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, focusing on something 20 feet away.

It can also be used to assist eye care professionals in supporting patients with learning disabilities, as well as by other professionals or carers.

Adults with learning disabilities are 10 times more likely to experience sight loss than the rest of the population, while children are 28 times more likely.

The Screen use and your eyes factsheet is available for download via the SeeAbility website.