Sleepover at the Science Museum

Children modelled their own eyes from clay during an interactive event for those with disabilities and special education needs


Children and their families had the chance to sleep over at the Science Museum during an interactive event that taught visitors about vision using props that they can touch and feel.

More than 85 visitors attended the SENsory AstroNights (4 August, London) evening for people with disabilities and special education needs.

Children modelled their own eyes from clay, with the finished pieces contributing to a larger tactile artwork.

The event, which was supported by The National Institute for Health Research, provided visitors with an understanding of what happens when problems occur with the development of the eye and what this can mean for people that experience these problems.

Dr Mariya Moosajee, of the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, said it was an exciting opportunity to explain the work that researchers do.

“We are working really hard to discover, diagnose, manage and treat more eye conditions and being able to talk to children and their families about our goals is what makes it worthwhile,” she emphasised.

Children and families had a sleepover at the museum after exploring its displays at their own pace and taking part in interactive workshops.