Specsavers makes OCT donation

The multiple has donated an OCT machine to a hospital in India

The multiple has donated an OCT machine to a hospital in India

Specsavers has donated an optical coherence tomography (OCT) device to a charitable hospital in Haryana, North West India.

The Nidek Scan Duo has been installed at Arpana Hospital’s ophthalmology department.

Run by the Arpana Research and Charities Trust, the hospital provides healthcare and education to some of the most marginalised communities in India.

Speaking about the donation, Guernsey states deputy, Peter Roffey, said: “It was an act of great generosity by the company’s founder, Dame Mary Perkins, and will hugely improve ophthalmic care for the more than half a million people who rely on this hospital.

“I know the recipients are extremely grateful and truly excited at the prospect of using their new machine to detect and treat a range of eye conditions among their enormous client group.”

The ophthalmology department is one of the hospital’s largest facilities, Mr Roffey explained, with diagnostic teams serving clinics in hundreds of rural villages and referring patients back to the hospital.

“The OCT machine donated by Specsavers will help that busy department by diagnosing and informing the treatment of a range of common conditions,” he added.