New £10 note features raised dots for blind and partially sighted

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) helped develop the new £10 note

New ten pound note

The Bank of England has unveiled the new £10 note, which is the first banknote with a tactile feature to help blind and partially sighted users. 

The banknote features a series of raised dots in the top left-hand corner, which was developed in conjunction with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

Scott Lynch, RNIB director of solutions, told OT that the charity was delighted to work with the Bank of England in redesigning the new banknote with accessibility in mind.

“In our testing with blind and partially sighted people these markings enabled correct identification of the note’s value, helping people to exchange money more easily and with confidence,” Mr Lynch explained to OT. 

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Bank of England as they work to replace the £20 note, which will also have a tactile feature, demonstrating their commitment to accessibility,” he added. 

In addition to the new raised dots, bank notes already feature elements such as tiered sizing, bold numerals and differing colours to help visually impaired people distinguish between denominations.

The new polymer £10 note, which also features the author Jane Austen, will be issued on 14 September and the current £10 that features Charles Darwin will be withdrawn in spring 2018. 

“I am delighted that the Jane Austen £10 note incorporates an innovative tactile feature, which I hope will greatly benefit blind and partially sighted users,” Victoria Cleland, the Bank’s chief cashier, enthused.