Bringing the science of blindness treatment to 100%

Fight for Sight promotes fundamental research into eye disease at 100% Optical


Fight for Sight’s Speaker Network spoke of the very latest scientific breakthroughs in treating eye disease to attendees at this year’s 100% Optical (London’s ExCel, 6-8 February).

The charity sponsored six talks on topics from ocular allergy and corneal replacement to laser eye correction and glaucoma.

Fight for Sight research director, Dr Dolores Conroy, said that the conference was a great opportunity for the charity to inform practitioners about the research being conducted. She told OT: “For us, it’s an ideal place to talk to people about the importance of sight loss.”

The Speaker Network consists of researchers, scientists, clinicians and patient advocates working to promote eye research.

One of the speakers, Dr Christos Bergeles, of University College London, said Fight for Sight funded the critical basic science that could lead to breakthrough cures.

“I think Fight for Sight is uniquely placed to go into these fundamental things that cause blindness,” he said.

His talk, on the final day of 100% Optical, discussed the developments in microsurgical robots for eye surgery and disease treatment.

Dr Conroy also explained that, alongside its sponsored talks, the charity had also re-launched its #BlinkWinkThink campaign. Attendees were encouraged to take a one-eyed selfie and publish the picture to social media to raise awareness of the charity’s goals.

A wall of these photos was on display at 100% Optical.