Fight for Sight partners with Adlens

Adlens and Fight for Sight join forces to raise funds for eye research

12 Oct 2015 by Emily McCormick

Leading eye research charity Fight for Sight has teamed up with adjustable focus eyewear company Adlens to raise funds for research into the causes, detection, treatment and prevention of sight loss and eye disease.

To mark what Adlens has said it sees as a “long-term partnership,” the company will donate 7.5% of all sales from its Instant Eyewear to charity partners, which includes Fight for Sight. Adlens has also signed up to support the charity’s Feast Your Eyes event which takes place between 16–22 October and encourages people to dine in the dark.

Director of industry and regulatory affairs at Adlens, Dr Graeme MacKenzie, said: “Adlens is driven by its mission to transform people’s vision across the world, and funding research into the treatment and prevention of sight loss is essential to this.

“With promising developments in stem cell advances and gene therapy, it has never been a more exciting time for eye research and there are huge opportunities for scientists – if they have the funding required.”

The partnership forms the beginning of the expansion of Adlens’ social mission programme which sees the company continue to design and manufacturer products that allow people to see clearly, alongside establishing alliances to fund eye research.

Commenting on the partnership, director of fundraising at Fight for Sight, Catherine Woodhead said: “We’re proud to be partnering with such an exciting company like Adlens. We have a fantastic opportunity to put sight loss at the forefront of people’s minds and highlight the importance of contributing to eye research.”


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