Charity founder to run London 10k

The founder of Andean Medical Mission will complete the British 10k London

andean medical mission sight test

The founder of Andean Medical Mission, Dave Goldsmith, will compete in the British London 10k this month to raise funds for the charity.

The money raised by Mr Goldsmith will specifically help a nine-year-old girl from Magdalena, a small village in Bolivia. Shalet has Marfan’s syndrome, a genetic disorder of connective tissue. The condition has resulted in the deterioration of her eyesight and she now does not attend school as she cannot see to read.

Andean Medical Mission hopes to send Shalet to Paraguay for surgery. 

Mr Goldsmith commented: “Shalet is a little frightened but is being very brave as she wants to be able to see again desperately, so I'm putting on my running shoes to help. If everyone I know were to give a small donation, we would potentially be able to carry out her surgery this year. I think that would be just amazing.” 

To make a donation, visit Mr Goldsmith's fundraising site.