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A staff nurse's guide to carrying out a contact lens teach

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Jodie Pendlebury, a staff nurse in Liverpool, tells OT  about her day-to-day work in paediatric ophthalmology...

What’s your role?

I’m a staff nurse based in paediatric ophthalmology at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Trust in Liverpool. I test visions, carry out visual field testing, OCT imaging and run a nurse-led watery eye clinic. But my favourite part is teaching children and parents how to apply and remove contact lenses.

How long have you been involved in contact lens work?

I have worked in the department for 11 years and have been involved in contact lens teaching for at least nine of those. I remember our lead
optometrist at the time approaching me and asking if it was something I would like to get involved in. I jumped at the chance. It is something I love doing and it can be so rewarding.

Jodie Pendlebury
Jodie Pendlebury, staff nurse

What have you found most challenging about this aspect of your role?

We don’t just see local children; sometimes they come from Wales, the Isle of Man or even further afield. This becomes slightly harder to manage as they aren’t just down the road if they encounter a problem with the lenses.

I try and plan a teaching session to coincide with one of their other appointments, allowing plenty of time for the discussion/questions and if they need a break in between, so that they feel well prepared and confident handling the contact lenses.

About the author

Jodie Pendlebury is a staff nurse at Alder Hey Children's NHS Trust, Liverpool