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Eye care is coming to iconic international landmarks, including Brooklyn Bridge and Mount Everest, as part of World Sight Day celebrations


Sight tests are being carried out from Tower Bridge in London to Bluff Point in New Zealand as part of World Sight Day celebrations on Thursday (14 October).

The #LoveYourEyes campaign, coordinated by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), encourages members of the public to look after their vision by booking a sight test.

Chief executive of the IAPB, Peter Holland, highlighted that the COVID-19 outbreak has created an “immense” challenge for those working in eye care.

“The pandemic struck a massive blow to global eye health, and we must continue to act to save millions from unnecessary blindness,” he said.

The World Health Organization is backing the #LoveYourEyes campaign, which has already gathered the support of three million individuals who have pledged to have a sight test.

In recognition of World Sight Day, international charity, Orbis, has launched a 30-second public service announcement See What You’d Miss, focusing on the importance of sight tests.

Meanwhile a World Sight Day campaign from NHS Blood and Transplant is raising awareness of the value of cornea donation.

In October, there were 204 corneas within NHS Blood and Transplant’s eye banks – a significant shortfall when compared to the 350 corneas needed at any one time to supply hospitals.

Of those who have joined the organ donation register, 10% chose not to donate their corneas.

Shelley Hague, 33, received a corneal transplant in November 2020 after being diagnosed with posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy in her late 20s.
“My corneal transplant has restored my sight and given me back my independence again,” she shared.

How is your practice celebrating World Sight Day? OT welcomes your stories of raising awareness of the importance of eye care and the role that optometrists play.