Areas of variation

When it comes to optometry, experiences can vary between nation, city and setting

Snow in London

My journey to work over the few days has begun with snow on the ground and air cold enough that recycling bin lids have frosted closed, yet concluded with blue skies and temperatures around three degrees warmer (yes, it is still scarf and gloves weather in London).

Navigating pavements lined with snow/ice and arriving into the concrete jungle of blue hues reminded me of the many variations that exist in people’s daily experiences and how quickly they can change between one location to another.

While it was the very British conversational topic of the weather that nudged me to join the dots, once I had, I began thinking about the differences that exist in optics. This can be the differences between the delivery of eye care in the four nations (GOS in Scotland versus England), to those that exist at a local level through enhanced services, as well as those that differ for the setting in which you practise.

Over the last few months, OT has been delving into the mode of hospital optometry – how the role of hospital optometrists is evolving, the diverse and rewarding opportunities that it can offer, as well as the pressures that may exist.

With the support of the AOP’s Hospital Optometrists Committee, we have prepared our first-ever guest-edited edition of the journal. February’s Hospital Optometry edition, designed for those working within the hospital service as well as community practice, will land through your letterboxes on 2 February. We look forward to hearing what you think about it. Get in touch with us via email to let us know.

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