The future’s bright, the future’s....

Where do you think optics will be in 15 years time? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves and others this week


Predictions can be fun as they are just that, predictions – a glimpse into a world that hasn’t been cast yet. And whether a prediction turns out to be right or wrong, sharing your views is an important part of the process because they are drivers for the change that could happen.

This week at OT we have been asking practitioners for their predictions on where they see the profession in five and 15 years time, and why of course.

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Where do you think optics will be in five or 15 years?

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Ensuring a cross-section of views, we have and will continue to gather thoughts from practitioners in the independent and the multiple sectors.

Speaking to two independent practice owners with very different business models this week, what struck we was that despite these differences, they both separated their predictions into the clinical and customer-focused issues and concluded at similar places – you’ll have to read the August edition to find out more.

Predictions can be large or small, but when making them you should not forget what can be achieved in relatively short timeframes. Just think about the rise of mobile technology, which 15 years ago was for the few not the many, the first iPhone had not even reached market, and compare that to where it is today.

So where do you think optics will be in five or 15 years? Share your predictions with us on the AOP’s community forums.