Suddenly it’s summer

From leaping lambs, to fields of flowers, summer is on the way. Time for the sunglasses – and the photochromic contact lenses


What are the signs that you look out for that tell you summer is on the way? It’s a question that has resonated with me more than ever this year, following a March dominated by the Beast from the East, topped off by a dank and gloomy Easter weekend.

Visiting West Dorset last weekend, Spring was in full flow. Newborn lambs were finding their footing while the ewes looked on, woodland bluebells were preparing to create their carpets of colour, and on the beach fisherman were hooking their first mackerel of 2018.

With the arrival of clear blue skies and 25oC temperatures this week, one can be sure that the national and regional media will be turning to their sub-editors to whip up some ad hoc 'What to wear in summer' articles – and sure enough, sunglasses will be in the mix.

While the possibility of damage from ultra violet light to our eyes is a risk that exists throughout the year, it is fair to say that the message to the public about protecting their eyes has additional weight in the summer months. And it is a message well worth promoting.

In a video from the AOP, OT’s multimedia clinical editor, Ceri Smith-Jaynes offers advice on the damage caused by the sun, along with three simple steps to take to protect them.

One news story this week that caught OT’s attention was the announcement of an expansion in the light-adaptive photochromic category beyond ophthalmic lenses and into contact lenses.

The move is a partnership between optical giants Transitions Optical and Johnson & Johnson Vision (JJV), with the companies explaining that the product is a two-week reusable, spherical contact lens that “provides wearers with vision correction and a photochromic filter that continuously balances the amount of light entering the eye.”

OT understands that the contact lens – Acuvue Oasys with Transitions light intelligent technology – will be commercially available from JJV in the first half of 2019 in the US only, following approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Asked about the target audience for the launch, president of Essilor Photochromics and Transitions Optical, Chrystel Barranger, said: “Innovations like this reflect our efforts to diversify our product offering, modernise our brand and make it relevant to more, and younger, wearers.”

Image credit: Getty