Making contacts count

How contact lenses can make a big difference

Contact Lens

For the last two years I have had the opportunity to interview the professionals shortlisted for the AOP Awards’ Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year accolade.

During these conversations, I’ve not only been struck by the passion they have for the profession and the roles they play within it, but also by the enthusiasm they have for contact lenses as a form of vision correction for people of all ages.

“I love what I do and I love playing a part in changing people’s lives,” is just one.

I was reminded of this comment again during the new Love Your Lenses initiative, which runs this week (25–31 March), as I read a case study from Vision Express about an 11 year old boy who has rediscovered his love of football after being fitted with contact lenses a year ago.

There is evidence to suggest the positive work that practitioners are doing to promote contact lenses is paying off, with the latest Mintel report revealing contact lenses to be the best performing segment for growth. 

Here at OT, and the AOP, the importance of contact lenses hasn’t gone unnoticed either and this week the AOP released a series of resources that are aimed at supporting good contact lens use and care. From patient leaflets on contact lens wear to a 60-second advice video, the Association is encouraging AOP members to read the materials and share them with patients.

OT’s June edition is contact lenses and will contain an array of contact lens-related content, from myopia management advice by CooperVision’s Elizabeth Lumb, to former president of the British Contact Lens Association, Shelly Bansal, on the business benefits that contact lenses can bring. The journal will be landing through your letterbox on 27 May.