Drawing parallels

How will you make connections?

Drawing parallels

The world of scientific research is no stranger to the art of making connections – often of the most obtuse kind...

This week we learned from the team at the State University of New York of an unexpected relationship between glaucoma and dental health.

Using a specimen of mouthwash to analyse the bacteria in each person’s mouth, the findings suggest that people who had undergone more dental work had a higher rate of glaucoma. This proved true even when diabetes, hypertension and gender were also factored in.

This follows on from news that women with pre-eclampsia are more likely to develop a retinal detachment, retinopathy or another retinal disorder than the women with no history of the pregnancy complication.

Quebec Public Health Expertise and Reference Centre scientist, Dr Nathalie Auger, explained to OT: “We feel confident in the association we found between pre-eclampsia and later retinal disease. We recommend screening for women who are at particular risk.”

And it is not just in research where new connections are being made.

Two companies that have recognised they have shared goals and ambitions are Essilor and Luxottica.

The sector was surprised this week by the news that Essilor is to acquire a 62% stake in the Luxottica Group. Luxottica’s billionaire owner Leonardo Del Vecchio was, naturally, effusive about the deal: “The marriage between two key companies in their sectors will bring great benefits to the market, for employees and mainly for all our consumers.”

However, reactions from the profession have included a note of caution. Speaking to OT, independent practice owner and AOP councillor for the East Midlands, Tushar Majithia, said: “It is worrying that one company will have such a dominant position in the industry.”

And the hands-down, most touching story of the week? That must go to guide dog Kika and her owner, former-emergency room doctor Amit Patel, whose Go-Pro camera video capturing a day in their lives has made them both stars.

A heart-warming tale (or should I say tail?) for a cold winter’s day.