Sunglasses satisfaction

Sunglasses might be on your holiday checklist, but will they provide you with the correct UV protection?

Sunglasses satisfaction

This weekend I will mainly be making a last-minute holiday checklist, ticking things off and packing to be ready for a summer getaway.

On this list will mainly be the obvious: purchasing insurance, exchanging holiday currency, picking up sun lotion (and after sun) – you all know the drill. I will also be hitting the High Street in search of a new pair of sunnies (and flip-flops) for my trip.

Working at OT, I have learnt a little about optics over the years and therefore, this shopping trip will not involve a quick once round in Topshop or H&M to pick up a ‘bargain’ pair of sunglasses – I understand now that it’s UV protection that I should be looking for, and not just an ‘on trend’ frame shape in this summer’s must-have colour. However, with the variety that is available in opticians, I know that I won’t struggle to find something that both protects my eyes and remains on trend when I head to my local practice.

I’m not ashamed to admit that not-so-many years ago, making sure I had any type of sunglasses before going on holiday would not have even crossed my mind. I simply didn’t own a pair, nor did I want to. Yet sunglasses are a big fashion accessory now and when the sun is out I rarely walk down the street and spot someone who isn’t wearing a pair, has them perched on their head or hanging from their top.

So while we all reach for our shades as we enjoy this summer’s sun – here or abroad – why not also embrace the opportunity to raise funds for eye research by supporting Fight for Sight’s latest initiative?

The charity has joined forces with online retailer Vision Direct for a UV awareness campaign that calls on you to take a selfie with your sunglasses on and upload it to social media on the hashtag #thinkuv.

For every selfie uploaded to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the campaign's hashtag between now and 16 September, Vision Direct will donate £3 to Fight for Sight.

Happy snapping.