Game of Thrones, 2.0

When George R.R. Martin began his novels about the Machiavellian power struggles of Westeros, I doubt he had British politics in mind. And yet...

Game of Thrones – the iron throne

The outcome of the referendum on British membership of the European Union has caused almost a 100%-implosion in Westminster politics. Leadership battles in both the main political parties has stepped up another gear today, with Theresa May, Michael Gove and Angela Eagle in the process of declaring they are the right leaders to take the Conservative and Labour parties, and the country, forward.

Not to be outdone, I read yesterday that UKIP's most significant donor is considering backing a completely new party, EU.Leave, which would, it was hinted, be shorn of the opinion-dividing Nigel Farage.

To say chaos reigns sounds melodramatic, right? Yes, life goes on – but what the future holds has certainly become far harder to predict. As US secretary of state, John Kerry has observed on the plan to leave, British Prime Minister David Cameron felt powerless to “start negotiating a thing that he doesn’t believe in” and “has no idea how he would do it,” adding: “And by the way, nor do most of the people who voted to do it.”

As with all professional sectors across Britain, for optics the impact on the workforce, along with the costs of goods as the Pound fluctuates on a spooked global stock market, will need to be watched with care. The talk from Parliamentary Under Secretary of Health Services, Ben Gummer, earlier on in the year about pushing through changes to the way the healthcare professions are regulated seems all but certain to slip down the Government's intimidating 'to-do' list.

In the coming months, OT will look to unravel what the implications are for optics, and pursue expert opinions on what should be in the package that Britain negotiates having invoked Article 50, the EU exit procedure.

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Image credit: Flickr / Wicker Paradise