The 'bear necessities'

A number of organisations, including the AOP, are taking strides forward in increasing public awareness of the importance of children's vision

Closeup of a child's eye

As the end of the school year starts to come into view, I begin to wonder how many parents will be putting “take the kids to the opticians” on their summer ‘to do’ list?

Through the summer months, children’s eye care is always on the radar of practitioners and the press alike. However, this year, it feels like not a week has gone by without the importance of regular sight tests for children being highlighted. This is, of course, a great thing.

Initially this week, we shared news of the launch of the Our’s Children’s Vision – a campaign in partnership with the Brien Holden Vision Institute and Essilor that aims to encourage governments, development agencies, the private sectors and eye care practitioners to work together to help screen the vision of 50 million children worldwide by 2020.

However, what really caught my attention – perhaps it’s the child inside me – was details of the release of the remade The Jungle Book. Hitting cinema screens tomorrow (15 April), film critics have been waxing lyrically about its dramatic 3D imagery.

The AOP has embraced the opportunity that the, no doubt soon-to-be, blockbuster brings to highlight to the public the key signs to look out for if a child is struggling with their vision when watching the 3D film.

In issuing a video and press release with its clinical and regulatory officer, optometrist Henry Leonard, the AOP has secured local and national press coverage, in turn helping to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of children’s vision and regular sight tests.

On the topic of videos, the AOP has produced a new animated video highlighting the benefits of membership with the Association. From insurance and legal protection, to CET and OT, to find out more of all of the benefits that you have access to, watch the video online.