Tax relief on your membership fee

Claim tax relief on your membership

Optometrist at practice

The AOP is an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) approved professional body - registered as ‘Optometrists, Association of’ - which means that if you are a UK tax payer, you may be eligible to claim tax relief on your AOP membership fee

For a higher rate tax payer (40%) this could mean relief of more than £280 against the full annual membership fee and a basic rate tax payer (20%) relief of over £140.


If you pay your own AOP membership fee, tax relief should be claimed on your annual self-assessment return or via the HMRC P87 form.

If your employer pays your membership fee on your behalf, your employer may have an exemption with HMRC so that you won't be taxed. Alternatively, your employer will include these fees on your annual P11D tax form - then you claim the tax relief on your self-assessment return.

Self-employed people and locums

If you're self-employed or a locum the AOP membership fee may be deductible as an allowable expense before calculating your taxable profits.

Membership receipts

When you join the AOP, or on renewal of membership, members are provided with a ‘Confirmation of payment or renewal’ receipt.  This can be used as evidence for the claim.

More information

For more information about tax relief for professional fees and subscriptions and how to claim, please visit the GOV.UK website