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AOP locum logbook

UK locum members receive one free copy of the AOP locum logbook, first published July 2018


In the July 2018 edition of Optometry Today, we sent all UK-based members who indicated on their MyAOP that they do locum work, a free copy of our new publication, the AOP locum logbook

The AOP locum logbook is designed for locum members to keep track of items for which you are potentially responsible, and to have documented evidence that you took appropriate actions or have met the requirements of the GOC’s Standards of Practice.


The logbook has six sections: 
  1. Internal referrals and investigation requests
    This section is designed to help locums monitor internal referrals and requests for repeat procedures

  2. Long-term practice matters
    This section allows the recording of issues relating to practices in which you work that may only require noting occasionally - such as the practice public liability insurance and its renewal date (GOC S.12.2), or that the staff appear to be adequately trained for delegated functions (GOC S9.2)

  3. Day-to-day practice matters
    This section allows the recording of issues relating to practices in which you work that arise on a day-to-day basis, and which should be recorded - such as support staff not being available, instruments not working, unusual internal practice requests etc

  4. Local protocols  
    This section is where you record referral pathways, phone numbers etc

  5. Checklist
    This section provides a useful checklist for you to complete on your first practice visit, or shortly beforehand

  6. Useful resources
    A list of useful online resources and where to find them

The logbook is designed to last 12 months.


Subject to availability, additional copies are available on request to UK locum members by emailing membership@aop.org.uk. There is a cost of £10, including VAT and P&P, per logbook.

New members

New UK locum members will be sent a free copy shortly after they join, assuming they are a working as a locum in the UK and their membership record has at least one of the following options selected:


  • Full-time locum
  • Part-time locum


  • Full-time locum
  • Part-time locum

Existing members

If you were a member at the time of the initial mailout and missed the deadline for updating your records, you will need to purchase a copy (see above for details)

So as not miss out on future benefits and relevant news, members should check or update their membership record online. To make changes, select ‘My career edit’ and click on ‘Save details’ at the bottom of the page if you make any amends.