The CET cycle

Check you’re on track to fulfil your CET requirements

CET is a statutory requirement for all fully-qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians; all full registrants must earn a minimum number of CET points by the end of each cycle to stay on the registers.

2019 is the first year of the current three year CET cycle. 

What are the requirements?

Optometrists and dispensing opticians must obtain at least 36 points across their relevant competencies before 31 December 2021. At least 18 points must be gained through interactive CET.  

Optometrists must participate in at least one peer review activity, and provide a reflection statement linking their learning to their own practice. Therapeutic optometrists must gain an additional 18 CET points across therapeutics competencies. Although therapeutic optometrists are only required to undertake one peer review activity in total per cycle, this must be completed with other therapeutic optometrists and cover therapeutic specialist competencies.

Contact lens opticians must ensure that at least 18 of their points are obtained in contact lens specialist CET and at least 18 in general CET. Contact lens opticians must also participate in one peer review contact lens activity, providing a reflection statement linking their learning to their own practice. 

You can check your progress and accept points by logging in to the MyCET section of the MyGOC website. The number of points you need may be lower if you joined the register, or added a speciality, part way through the current cycle.

All AOP/OT CET can be tracked through MyAOP.

Find out what happens if you do not meet your CET requirements.