Wellbeing webinar: Assert and thrive - building resilient communication skills for life



Where: online

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Step into a journey of self-discovery and communication excellence with our upcoming webinar: "Assert and thrive: building resilient communication skills for life." This interactive session is designed to arm you with tools and insights to navigate and explore the intricacies of professional and personal communication. Focusing on balance that respects and values the needs of everyone involved, paving the way for enhanced collaboration and mutual understanding.

During this webinar, we'll introduce the foundations of assertive communication, the importance of self-esteem in resilient behaviour, and touch upon managing emotional responses. You'll gain insights into clear, direct communication and learn the essentials of setting boundaries effectively and responding when they are crossed.

Learning points

  1. Introduction to high-quality communication: Get introduced to a balanced, win-win approach to communication that respects both your needs and the needs of others
  2. Start building self-esteem and resilience: Learn about the value of self-appreciation in assertive behaviour and get a glimpse of how your strengths can improve communication
  3. Basics of managing emotions and responses: Begin to explore how emotions influence our responses and get a taste of basic assertive techniques. Get started on understanding how to handle boundaries and respond to challenging situations appropriately


  • This session does carry out any CPD points

Technical requirements

  • The session will take place using Zoom
  • We recommend that you use a computer or tablet device to join this webinar

1.00PM - 1.45PM

  • Wellbeing webinar: Assert and thrive - building resilient communication skills for life

Trevor Bibic

Trevor BibicTrevor has been working in personal and professional development training for over nine years, developing and delivering a wide range of workshops, webinars and one to one coaching.

Trevor spent several years training as a career’s consultant with the University of London and was one of a select group used to deliver professional training in careers and professional skills. He subsequently became a freelancer in this field with a focus predominantly in the health sector. With the BMA, BMJ, Health Education England and the AOP, Trevor has developed and delivered training on a variety of skills and careers areas including leadership, time management, assertiveness and interviews. He also currently provides one-to-one support for a range of careers related issues with HEE for London and the South East.

He has held various management and leadership positions throughout his career. In addition, he has been involved in recruiting for over 20 years; this gives him an excellent understanding of dynamic working environments and challenges.

In addition to the health-oriented organisations, Trevor works also works with a number of high-profile higher education institutions such as LSHTM, Kings College, UCL and others across The University of London federation.