Optometry and the post-COVID economy



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Optometry Today (OT), in partnership with the Hakim Group and the AOP, are pleased to provide this 60-minute webinar.

In a webinar hosted by Gavin Rebello, leading economist Roger Martin-Fagg takes a look into the future as he breaks down the post-COVID economy and the economic outlook for independent practice owners as well as the wider optical industry.

Roger will be joined by Hakim Group business owners from across five nations (England, Scotland, Wales, NI and Ireland) who will share their perspectives on navigating geopolitical, macroeconomic and industry challenges that lie in the road ahead for the independent sector.

The session will consider:

  • What impact can practice owners expect on their turnover and profitability?
  • How will inflation impact the optical industry?
  • What post-COVID trends do practice owners need to understand to prepare for future success?
  • All this and much more will be interrogated in detail in this insightful webinar


  • Please note that this session is not CPD-accredited

Technical requirements

  • The session will take place using Zoom
  • We recommend that you use a computer or tablet device to join this webinar

7.00PM - 8.00PM

  • Optometry and the post-COVID economy

Roger Martin-Fagg

Roger Martin FaggRoger Martin-Fagg is an economist who combines insight into the financial and policy worlds with management strategy. As such he delivers both an economic outlook, and what organisations should do to prepare. After studying economics, economic history and geography, Martin-Fagg worked as an economist with the New Zealand government. He returned to the UK to work in the air transport industry before teaching strategy and economics at Henley Management College to senior managers from a wide range of industries.

Martin-Fagg specialises in making economic activity, trends and indicators understandable to non-economists and cuts through the jargon to reveal what the numbers, market shifts and policy announcements really mean. He also considers the strategy organisations need in order to grow, and how that strategy should evolve, be articulated, and reviewed.

As a consultant Roger Martin-Fagg has designed and facilitated strategic management programs for companies such as Sainsbury, Taylor Wimpey, Lloyds Banking Group, ABF, BSI, Experian and Santander.

He is also the author of Making Sense of the Economy, a practical explanation of everything from GDP to money supply to interest rates aimed at managers who are not economists.

Gavin Rebello

Gavin RebelloGavin is an optometrist and owner of independent practices in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Hertfordshire.





Ian Cameron

Ian CameronIan is an optometrist and managing director of Cameron Optometry, Edinburgh.





Helen Tilley

Helen TilleyHelen Tilley is an optometrist and director of Monnow Eyecare, Monmouth.





Angela Nicholson

Angela NicholsonAngela Nicholson is an optometrist and director of David Henderson Opticians, Ballyclare.





Clodagh McGovern

Clodagh McGovernClodagh is an optometrist and owner of several independent practices in the Republic of Ireland.