Webinar: Stage 2 in sight? Come and get some insight



Where: Online

Stage 2 of the Scheme for Registration is an opportunity for a pre-registration trainee to show that they have maintained the competence that they have successfully demonstrated during Stage 1 of the Scheme. Despite knowing that the skills and knowledge that will be assessed during a Stage 2 visit have already been successfully demonstrated, many trainees feel that their impending Stage 2 assessments will be a daunting experience.

Catherine Viner, Senior Lecturer at the University of Bradford, will use her university experience of preparing students for assessments, along with her knowledge gained whilst being a pre-registration supervisor, to help trainees prepare for all parts of Stage 2. Although attending this webinar does not guarantee a pass at Stage 2, it is hoped that the tips and hints given will help make sitting a Stage 2 assessment less overwhelming.

18:00 - 19:00

  • Stage 2 in sight? Come and get some insight