Webinar: Wellbeing for working parents during COVID-19



Where: Online webinar

Johnson & Johnson Vision logoWe are in unprecedented times as a working parent, with the combination of schools closing, home-schooling and working from home. Overnight, the new normal has become working from home, with children on laps. This is probably one of the most challenging situations your employees have ever found themselves in and it’s likely to last months, not weeks. 

How can you support your employees to handle this monumental change? How can you support your parent employees at this stressful time? This 60-minute webinar, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision, aims to guide you through how to weather this storm, keeping sane and productive. It is based on proven techniques and practices and includes up-to-date advice on the changing situation. 

Outcomes of the webinar:

  • Learn the three fundamental pillars of keeping productive and sane at this uncertain time
  • Create a personal plan for how to not just survive but thrive
  • Discover wellbeing tools to keep you calm, productive and happy as a family
  • Facilitates a ‘best practice’ sharing between your employees
  • Guidance on how to manage the feelings of stress and overwhelm working parents may be experiencing

There is no CET available for this webinar.

19:00 - 20:00

  • Wellbeing for working parents during COVID-19

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