Locum Webinar: Self-Employed, or are you? HMRC’s New Perspective



Where: Online webinar

In the 4th in our series of business webinars, David Davies from TWD Accountants will take you through the changes introduced by HMRC that have wide-reaching effects for everyone who is, or wants to be, a self-employed locum, or who uses, or wants to use, locums on a self-employed basis.

The rules have changed significantly, so over the course of 60 minutes you will get to learn what factors HMRC is using to decide whether you, or your locums have the right to be self-employed, or whether you or they should really be taxed as an employee and pay significantly more tax.
You will find out what you can do to ensure you remain self-employed for tax, or that your locums retain their self-employed for tax status, and there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end. Please note that employment status for employment rights purposes is determined in a different way and is not covered by this webinar.
If you work as a locum, or use locums, this webinar is going to be a fascinating eye-opener into the way HMRC is shaking up the whole self-employed market and looking to increase the tax you have to pay. One not to miss!

Please note that there is no CET associated with this webinar.

Please also note that the information in the webinar is guidance only and was correct at the time of the live broadcast. We recommend seeking independent advice that is specific to your circumstances.

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This webinar is part of a series of guidance which has been provided for members. More information is available here