Managing your mental health during the coronavirus crisis

When: -

Where: Online

The coronavirus outbreak has catapulted us in to unknown territory and a desperately different way of living. As we consume the ever-changing news and navigate our ‘new normal’ of very limited social interaction, feelings of anxiety, fear, loneliness and overwhelm are rife and seriously risk compromising our mental health.

This bespoke webinar has been created by two leading mental health psychologists from Stretching the City who apply their acceptance and commitment therapy model to helping manage this unique scenario we find ourselves in today. 

In this webinar, delegates can expect to:

  • Unpick the reality of the threat and challenge we face today and it’s direct effect on our everyday mental health
  • Understand the deep-rooted role and effects of anxiety and what happens when it ‘hijacks’ our behaviour
  • Learn a four-step process for managing and re-framing experiences of heightened anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • Explore how we can practice self-compassion to ourselves and others
  • Take home a toolkit of tips, routines and rituals to help boost mood and maintain good mental health

Ideas for self-care handout