Webinar: Mental Health Awareness



Where: Online Webinar

The aim of this session is to help people to understand and talk about mental health. We’ll provide practical tips on how to spot some of the signs of mental health issues in ourselves and others, and provide guidance on discussing mental health issues and supporting others. We’ll also discuss the importance of speaking up for yourself if you are experiencing any mental ill-health. Webinar attendees will learn the basics of how to:

  • Understand what mental health is and how it differs to mental illness
  • Identify pressures facing employees and identify how they affect mental health 
  • Understand why people are reluctant to talk about mental health
  • Identify the signs that someone needs help and know what to say and do
  • Know where to go for help when you or someone else needs it
James Mansbridge

James Mansbridge

James is the Head of Digital Learning at the British Safety Council, and has worked to produce health, safety and wellbeing learning resources for over four years. Prior to this, he worked as a digital learning developer and award-winning trainer in the telecom sector. James is an experienced teacher and became interested in mental health while working with students to reduce exam stress and applying the techniques himself. He has produced digital courses on mental health awareness, managing mental health, stress management and resilience.

Information about the British Safety Council

The British Safety Council believes that no one should be injured or made ill through their work.

Since its foundation in 1957, the British Safety Council has campaigned tirelessly to protect workers from accidents, hazards and unsafe conditions, and played a decisive role in the political process that has led to adoption of landmark safety legislation in the UK. Its members in more than 60 countries are committed to protecting and improving the wellbeing of workers believing that a healthy and safe work environment is also good for business. 

In 2016, they set up a sister charity, Mates in Mind, to work specifically in the field of mental health. Mates in mind aims to provide clear information to employers on available support and guidance on mental health, mental illness and mental wellbeing, and how they can address this within their organisations. It does this in partnership with leading charities and organisations such as Mind, Samaritans and Mental Health First Aid England.