Locum webinar: Sole Trader vs Limited Company – know the real facts!

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Where: Online webinar

David Davies from TWD accountants will explore the pros and cons of trading as a sole trader or a limited company. 

Deciding which option is right for you can be a highly confusing process and one that can have serious implications for your wealth. During this webinar you will get to learn about the legal issues, tax implications, running costs, expense rules, accounting requirements, liabilities and personal risks of both options. You will find out how each option impacts the income you get to keep after the taxman has taken his share, but also the reality of how much you get to keep when everything is taken into consideration. 

If you are just starting out on the locum path or have made that step already, you will not want to miss this highly informative webinar.

David Davies

David and TWD accountants have been working with the AOP since 1997 and have a wealth of experience in looking after the tax affairs of locum optometrists.