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Voice of Optometry insight panel

Our insight panel giving a collective voice to the profession

We have ambitious objectives to increase understanding of the optical profession and instil better eye health habits among the public.

The Voice of Optometry insight panel has been set up to help support these objectives – enabling us to generate news and features on issues that are important to the profession, using the opinions and expertise of our members. 

Why should you be part of the panel?

Being part of our Voice of Optometry insight panel offers members the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences on important eye health topics.

The survey results will be used to support the profession by raising awareness of eye health and the issues impacting optometry.

We will use the statistics in a number of ways, including:

  • Promoting advice and educational messages around optometry and eye health
  • Provide statistical evidence on issues affecting the profession
  • Creating national and regional media stories for broadcast, print and online media outlets
  • Achieve media coverage in local press through region specific data

What's involved in being part of the panel?

Each year panel members are asked to answer one 15-minute online survey and two shorter, more targeted surveys – totalling less than an hour a year. 

Once the results are ready, we’ll also keep you updated with how we are using answers to promote the profession and the issues you care about.

Who can take part?

Membership of the insight panel is open to all practising members who are qualified and UK based. As an AOP member, who meets the criteria, you automatically become enrolled in the insight panel, but you have the opportunity to opt-out should you choose to.

Who runs the Voice of the Profession survey?

We are working with independent research company, Alpha Research, to coordinate the panel and run the surveys.

Alpha Research works to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, so your comments and views will remain anonymous with findings reported on a general, rather than individual, level. You can be assured that your participation will be treated in confidence, your details and answers will not be passed on to anyone else, and you don’t have to answer any questions that you do not want to.

How to find out more

For more information about our Voice of Optometry insight panel contact the Communications team on 020 7549 2063 or email

How to unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from the Voice of Optometry insight panel visit MyAOP/ MyEmail and de-select the ‘Voice of the Profession’ option. Alternatively, please contact the membership team on 020 7549 2010 or email