Arun's story
Arun talks about the employment law support and union representation he received from the AOP when a past employer pressured him to speed up his testing time, and then threatened a capability process. Arun has since taken a new position elsewhere where he feels more supported by his employer.  


Karen's story
Karen talks about the reassurance and legal support she received from the AOP over a 15 month period, after receiving a letter from a patient's solicitor. In the end Karen's case was dropped and no further action was taken. 

Jenny's story
Jenny shares her experience of being subject to four year-long GOC investigation, and how the support she received from the AOP eventually led to the GOC finding that there was no evidence of wrong doing and no case to answer.    

Sam's story
Sam talks about the support he received from his AOP solicitor throughout his two and a half year GOC investigation and Fitness to Practise hearing, where the GOC found his fitness to practise was not impaired.