GOC investigation into misconduct

AOP member, George's story

What happened

Photo pending George (not his real name) made a declaration about his difficult personal circumstances on his GOC renewal. The GOC followed up on his declaration and informed George he was being investigated for misconduct. 

George became increasingly concerned about the impact of the GOC investigation on his job and contacted the AOP for advice. 

How we helped

We allocated George a solicitor who secured an extension to the GOC’s deadline for the investigation, and then we helped George put together his defence - that there was no evidence of his personal situation ever affecting his fitness to work. 

We assisted him in compiling detailed evidence from the previous 10 years to show that he was fully capable and had a successful career going back many years, including receiving peer recognition of his work, and a written testimonial from George’s boss in support of him. 

The outcome 

The investigation was concluded after a year, with George’s case being thrown out due to a lack of evidence. 

What George said about the support from the AOP 

There are a million reasons to join the AOP. The cost is a drop in the ocean when you consider it’s almost inevitable in our profession that we will have to handle a complaint. In an increasingly litigious society the AOP gives peace of mind. Rather than worry, get the AOP on your side - they do a magnificent job!