Employment law

We keep you up to date on the latest employment law, guidance and regulations

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Our in-house team helps employer and employee members with their day-to-day employment law queries. We can help you at each stage of your employment journey, whether it’s recruitment and starting a new job, issues arising at work, or ending a job and moving on.


We can help you to understand requirements or entitlements in respect of contracts of employment and explain the relevant or recommended terms and terminology. We’re also able to advise you on pre-registration contracts and the usual provisions we see included and enforced.

Employment rights

Our team will assist you to understand basic employment rights and, in particular, those which are most relevant within our profession. Including rights to family-friendly and flexible working, rest breaks, time off and sickness absence, whistle blowing and changes to contractual terms. We can also support you in managing processes to enforce or manage employment rights in relation to absence or performance, restructuring or redundancy and grievance or disciplinary procedures.

Issues arising during employment

It’s inevitable that sometimes issues arise during the employment relationship that need to be handled in a sensitive and timely way. We can offer guidance and support on how to do this informally and at the earliest stage possible or, if necessary, formally through balanced grievance and disciplinary procedures. For employees, we can also arrange union support including attendance at grievance and disciplinary meetings, which means we really can be hands on through difficult times.

Issues arising on termination of employment

The potential issues arising on termination of employment will depend on whether termination is by resignation or dismissal. We can give advice on constructive dismissal, unfair dismissal, discrimination and redundancy rights and can provide information about the employment tribunal process if applicable. We can also advise you on post-termination obligations, such as confidential information, restrictive covenants and repayment of loans or training costs.

For more details or to raise a query, contact the legal team at: [email protected]