Tailor videos for your practice

Tailor our public health videos to your practice

In partnership with our video production supplier, Liquona, we have produced an animated video to explain to viewers the importance of regular sight tests. The animation can be personalised to your practice. 

Professional animations of this type would ordinarily cost several thousand pounds, but the offer is available to members for just £300+VAT.

See it in action

London practice, Hodd, Barnes and Dickins, have already taken up this offer, and their personalised version of the film can be seen below.


Tailor the video to my practice

If you are interested in this offer, call Liquona on 0207 757 7473 quoting ‘AOP offer’ and your AOP membership number, or email [email protected]

Liquona will need to confirm your AOP membership and receive payment before commencing your project. Delivery is typically within 10 to 20 working days.

Inclusions and terms and conditions

This set price package includes:

  • Your company name and logo at the beginning of the animation, in association with the AOP (includes AOP logo)

  • Your company name appearing as text in the animation at 0:20 on the practice shop front

  • Your company name, logo and contact details at the end of the animation, in association with the AOP (includes AOP logo)

  • The video file will be sent in an MP4 format optimised for use online such as on YouTube

  • Once delivered, the video is yours to use in your marketing activities, with no further costs or licenses required

  • Members with multiple practices can enjoy a 20% discount on each additional video

  • Your video will be personalised in exactly the same way as the Hodd, Barnes and Dickins example

  • Additional changes and personalisation are not included in the offer

  • The offer is between you and Liquona

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