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We design and print patient record cards for your practice

A variety of spectacles

We offer designed and printed record cards and specification forms at competitive rates.

Patient record cards

Item  Price
Dispensing record
Clinical record

Each item may be purchased individually in packs of 500

Special offer: 

  • £205 (normal price £240) when you purchase all three items together
  • Package includes 500 envelopes, 500 dispensing records and 500 clinical records

Spectacle prescription and contact lens specification forms

Each item may be purchased individually in packs of 1000

Item  RX06 SP Spectacle prescription forms 
 RX06 CL Contact lens specification 
 One pack
 Two packs  £137
 Three packs  £199.50
 Four packs  £258
 Five packs  £312.50
 Six packs  £360


All prices include postage, packing and VAT. Prices are subject to change without notification.

To order

To order or see a sample of the card call 020 7549 2010, email [email protected] or complete and post the patient record card order form.