Locum vacancies list – guidelines for usage

Mandatory and non-mandatory information

When you advertise a locum vacancy on our website, the following fields are mandatory* and must be fully completed for your locum position to be approved:

  • Practice name *
  • Short description of locum cover needed *
  • Start date of cover *
  • End date of cover *
  • Type of practitioner required *
  • PPE provided? *
  • Contact email *
  • Contact name *
  • Contact phone number *
  • Website address *
  • Practice type *
  • Logo *
  • Location town *
  • Location postcode *
  • Practice location *

And the following fields are optional:

  • Skills required
  • Day rate
  • Street name

Writing style

  • Wording should be aligned to our Website Terms and Conditions
  • Use appropriate language, without discrimination or obscenities
  • Write in plain English
  • Take care to ensure the details you enter are correct

Approval process

Every locum role advertised will go through an approval process that can take up to two working days before your advertisement goes live. If your advertisement is not approved, you will be contacted directly, and the reasons why explained.

In approving an advert, the AOP is not approving the pay or terms of the position. Both parties need to ensure the terms are right for them.

We reserve the right to correct typos without your approval.

Removal of your advertisement

If you wish to remove or amend your advertisement, please contact [email protected]. Please note that it can take up to two working days to amend or remove an advertisement.

Unwanted contact via the listing

Members are only permitted to use the Locum vacancies list for the purposes of advertising or finding locum cover and are always expected to adhere to the guidelines. If you receive any unwanted communication as a result of your advertisement on the listing, please contact us immediately on [email protected] or 020 7549 2007 and retain any messages you have received.