Affinity partners

Work with partners who have a positive impact on recruitment and retention

Our members

We put our 16,000+ members at the heart of everything we do. We continually strive to understand their changing needs and ensure that the most relevant services are delivered to them in order to add value to their membership package.

Our core benefits focus on medical malpractice insurance, legal and regulatory affairs and a complete education programme delivering in print, online and regionally through face-to-face events. In addition to this though, we offer a range of services through our affinity partner programme.

Affinity partnerships

Affinity partners are companies that we assess and appoint against a set of criteria to deliver relevant, high quality services to our members. 

Our primary focus when working with partners is to ensure that members benefit from an exclusive experience either on the product or service itself or the pricing; and we want to ensure that benefit cannot be achieved anywhere else within the sector. 

We work closely with all our partners to understand their brand and business objectives, and ensure that members are aware of the services offered through our in-house communication channels to encourage usage.

Partners are granted exclusive use of an AOP affinity partner logo to use when marketing their products and services to our members.

An example of an AOP affinity partnership is insurance services and financial planning through Lloyd & Whyte. 

Become an affinity partner

For more information on how to become a recognised AOP affinity partner, contact our Commercial Director, Wendy Steele, on [email protected], or 020 7549 2064.

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