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GOS payments to contractors

Advice for contractors

16 Mar 2018

PCSE have informed LOCSU and the Optical Confederation there has been a delay in processing some GOS payments this month due to the recent adverse weather.

Payments for areas that have already been processed are listed in the table below, and the extent of the delays have been confirmed. 

Ad-hoc payments

NHS England’s Central Finance Team have agreed to implement a special process to ensure that all contractors in the affected areas receive a payment before the last working day in March. Contractors in the areas listed in the list titled 'Ad-hoc payments', will receive an ad-hoc payment on the 26 or 27 March to the same value as their February 2018 GOS payment. This ad-hoc payment will be balanced against the contractor’s March 2018 GOS payment once it has been processed by PCSE.

Contractors will receive a remittance notice from NHS SBS (where a valid email remittance address is held) for the ad-hoc payment paid by NHS England but will not receive a GOS statement until their claims have been fully processed by PCSE. A further remittance notice will be issued from NHS SBS showing the balance paid to the contractor on the revised payment date for their area where the March payment value is greater than the ad-hoc payment. If the March payment is less than the ad-hoc payment, then the overpayment will be deducted from the April GOS payment.

The revised payment date will be confirmed to contractors by PCSE once processing for their area has been completed. The latest payment date is expected to be 9 April 2018.

It is important that contractors read the information on the two remittance notices received from SBS in conjunction with their March GOS statement.

Areas not affected

There are no anticipated delays for any areas not listed below. 

Practice cashflow problems

Contractors in the affected areas should receive an email from their PCSE Regional Liaison Manager (RLM). Any contractors for whom the delayed payment will cause cashflow problems or financial hardship should contact their RLM to request an emergency payment. 

Areas already processed


In bank date

Regional Liaison Manager

Birmingham East & North 5PG



Birmingham Heartlands 5MX

Birmingham South 5M1

Solihull 5QW

Cambridge 5PP



Gt Yarmouth and Waveney 5PR

Norfolk 5PQ

Peterborough 5PN

Suffolk 5PT

Hampshire 5QC



Portsmouth 5FE

Southampton 5L1

Isle of Wight 5QT

Nottingham County 5N8



Nottingham City 5EM

Bassetlaw 5ET

Derby County 5N6



Derby City 5N7

West Sussex 5P6



Dorset 5QM



Bournemouth and Poole 5QN

Bexley TAK



Greenwich 5A8

West Kent 5P9



East & Coastal Kent 5QA

Medway 5L3

East Berkshire 5QG




West Berkshire 5QF

Oxford 5QE

City & Hackney 5C3



Tower Hamlets 5C4

Newham 5C5

Wirral 5NK




Sefton 5NJ

Calderdale 5J6




Kirklees 5N2

Ad-hoc payments

Ad-hoc payments will be issued to the following areas: 

  • Barnet 5A9
  • Brent 5K5
  • Camden 5K7
  • Chelsea & Kensington 5LA
  • Croydon 5K9
  • Devon 5QQ
  • Ealing 5HX
  • Enfield 5C1
  • Gloucester 5QH
  • Halton & St Helens 5NM
  • Hammersmith & Fulham 5H1
  • Haringey 5C9
  • Harrow 5K6
  • Hartlepool 5D9
  • Hillingdon 5H
  • Hounslow 5AT
  • Islington 5K8
  • Kingston 5A5
  • Knowsley 5J4
  • Leicester City 5PC
  • Leicester County 5PA
  • Liverpool 5NL
  • Merton & Sutton 5M
  • Middlesbrough 5KM
  • North Staffs 5PH
  • Northants 5PD
  • Plymouth 5F1
  • Redcar & Cleveland 5QR
  • Richmond & Twickenham 5M6
  • South Staffs 5PK
  • Stockton on Tees 5E1
  • Stoke 5PJ
  • Surrey 5P5
  • Swindon 5K3
  • Torbay TAL
  • Wandsworth 5LG
  • Westminster 5LC
  • Wiltshire 5QK