Primary care optometry

An overview of the AOP and and the care optometrists provide


We are the voice of the optical profession, representing 80% of practising optometrists. We elevate the work of our members, safeguard their interests, and champion eye health across the UK.

Optometrists are eye care professionals who test sight, identify disease, and provide treatment for certain eye conditions. There are 17,500 registered optometrists across the UK, working in around 6000 primary care optical practices (commonly known as opticians), as well as in hospitals.

Optometrists are qualified and equipped to do far more NHS work than they carry out, but this highly trained, highly skilled, workforce is currently underutilised.

We have set out three key priorities for the next government. These asks are what we believe are the first steps to ensure that patients can access the eye care they require wherever they live and when they need it.