AOP urges the public not to swerve a sight test

National and local coverage for our campaign highlights the importance of good vision for driving

On Wednesday 7 November we launched our second Don’t Swerve a Sight Test campaign, calling for a change in the law to make vision checks for drivers mandatory when they first apply for their licence, and then every ten years thereafter.

Supported by research from our 2018 Voice of Optometry survey, which found 44% of optometrists in the UK have seen a patient in the last month who continued to drive despite being told their vision was below the legal standard, the campaign attracted national attention. Broadcast coverage reached over 30 million, through 27 radio and TV interviews, whilst the campaign was featured in over 190 online and print news outlets.

Highlights included coverage from Mail Online, i news, and The Times. AOP Professional Advisor, Henry Leonard, was also interviewed on lunchtime Sky News alongside AOP case study, Gillian Jones, who spoke about losing her father when he was hit by a driver who had been told his vison was below standard but continued to drive.

If you’d like to get involved in our ongoing campaign we’ve created a digital campaign resources pack, including a video and images, which can be downloaded from our website.