NHS to pilot new system

Pilot of a new system for the post payment verification (PPV) of GOS claims

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We’ve been advised that NHS England and the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) will soon begin piloting a new system for the post payment verification (PPV) of GOS claims.

NHS England have selected Wessex, West Yorkshire and Harrogate to pilot the scheme – which aims to gain a better understanding of the level of errors made in claims and provide assurance that contractor claims are appropriate.

The pilot of the new PPV method is expected to begin in mid to late June, and run for a period of around six months. The selection process for the pilot will be based on standardised sampling methodology, and not all practices will be asked to take part.

The optical sector has previously raised concerns around how past PPV exercises have been carried out – in response, the Optical Confederation has worked closely with NHS England and the NHSBSA on the pilot, and will continue to do so, to ensure that the process is fair and equitable to all practices. If the pilot is evaluated as a success, the new system will then be rolled out across England.    

AOP Clinical Director, Dr Peter Hampson said: “This new pilot from NHS England appears to be a more proportional approach to PPV, and has so far taken on board our concerns with the recent processes that caused some of our members a great deal of apprehension. NHS England have consistently told us that this process is about education and we hope that they are true to their word. The AOP, and our colleagues within the Optical Confederation, will continue to monitor this process very carefully.” 

Members might find our Making Accurate Claims in England guidance, Safe practice: record keeping web guidance and our video Avoiding GOS reclaims (CET no longer available) useful.  

More information about the pilot can be found on the NHSBSA website here.

If your practice is asked to participate in piloting the new PPV system and you have questions, please contact our regulatory team on [email protected]