HMRC communications and requests for information

Member alert on HMRC communication

Template contracts of employment and locum contracts

AOP members may have recently received or may shortly receive communications from HMRC asking for information about:

  • The nature of the self-employed work they are undertaking for certain companies 
  • The employment status of the workers they pay on a self-employed basis (where they are business owners)

The AOP itself is not able to advise on individuals’ tax matters, however, an adviser from Abbey Tax, an AOP affinity partner, would be willing to have an initial chat with AOP members who have received such communications from HMRC as this is their area of expertise.

Abbey Tax have noted that letters such as these are not unique to the optometry profession and other medical professionals have received similar letters.  An article prepared by Abbey Tax provides some initial thoughts and things to consider if you are in receipt of the second type of communication.

It is recommended that AOP members speak to a tax adviser or accountant or if you wish to take further advice from Abbey Tax, this would be on a separate fee-paying basis.

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