Illegal sales of lenses

New resource to tackle illegal sales of zero-powered contact lenses on the High Street

New leaflet to help stop the illegal sale of cosmetic and novelty contact lenses

Working in collaboration with the General Optical Council (GOC), we’ve created a new information leaflet, Do you know the law on selling contact lenses?, to provide practitioners with a simple way to challenge the trade in their local area. The leaflet is designed to look like a formal cease and desist notice, that optical practitioners can print and distribute to the relevant shops.

Emma Spofforth, Chairman, AOP Independents’ Committee, explained: “We know, from member feedback, that many optical practitioners are aware of illegal sales in their local area and want to notify the vendor that they are breaking the law but perhaps feel they haven’t the means to do so. This leaflet gives practitioners a way in and sets out the legalities in plain terms.”

Alistair Bridge, Director of Strategy at the GOC added: “Often we find that sellers of cosmetic contact lenses are not aware of the law, or of the potential risks to patients if a professional is not involved in the sale. The first step to get them to cease illegal sales is therefore often as simple as letting them know what the law is. This leaflet sets the law out for retailers in clear terms and will be a useful aid for anyone who wants to help us tackle the problem in their local area.”

To download the leaflet visit our ‘Resources for your practice’ section.

More information can be found in our press release.