Essential website maintenance

Find out how your access will be affected

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Due to essential work taking place on our website, some content on the AOP and OT websites will not be accessible between Monday 7 and Thursday 10 August, including CET exams. The majority of this work will be completed on Monday 7 August, but CET exams, and MyCET, will be unavailable until Thursday 10 August. To avoid members losing part completed exams, we have extended the closing dates of July’s CET exams to 25 August. Please note, August CET exams will not be available until 10 August.

We’ve highlighted the main areas of our website that will be disrupted to help you plan your access during this time.

Areas affected

On Monday, 7 August, any area of the site requiring a login will be inaccessible – this includes MyAOP, events booking, CET exams and access to member only content such as legal and regulatory guidance as well as some OT content.

Our membership, events, and legal and regulatory teams will be available as normal on Monday, 7 August and their contact details can be found on our website if you have any urgent queries.

From Tuesday, 8 August, most areas of the website requiring member log in will be accessible again, with the exception of CET exams and the MyCET tab in MyAOP.

CET exams, and the MyCET tab in the MyAOP area of the website, will not be accessible from the morning of Monday, 7 August until the morning of Thursday, 10 August.

During the site maintenance, content will also be frozen across the AOP and OT sites, this means OT will not be uploading news stories and features until Thursday, 10 August. Dependent on exact timings, this may also mean the regular Thursday OT newsletter may be moved to Friday.

If you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected]

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period.