3D films and vision

A campaign to help parents spot warning signs

Popcorn - illustrating 3D films and childrens' vision

With 3D blockbuster Despicable Me 3 released this week, we’re reminding the public of the warning signs that could indicate their child has an undiagnosed vision problem.

Our recent Voice of Optometry insight panel survey demonstrated that many children are still missing out on early vision correction. The majority of respondents to this survey, indicated that at least one in five school children they've tested has had an undiagnosed refractive error.

To promote the importance of regular sight tests for children, we’ve launched a campaign to highlight how 3D films could help parents spot if their child has a vision problem.

As part of the campaign we’ve produced a new 60s advice video on the key warning signs to look out for and included tips for parents, based on our new position statement on visible blue light, in the press release.

AOP members can find more resources for highlighting the importance of sight tests for children in our For patients section. 

You may also find our new position statement on visible blue light useful when speaking to parents who are concerned about their children’s screen or device use.