Potential fraud targeting members

An alert to AOP members about potential fraudulent phone calls

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Earlier today we were made aware that someone had called an AOP member claiming to be a courier company in order to obtain personal information over the phone.

The caller told our member that they had an envelope for him 'from the AOP' but there had been 'insufficient postage paid'. Our member was then asked to provide card details for the outstanding amount.

As previously reported in November 2016, fraudsters may be opportunistically targeting members using details available on the GOC register.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask members to remain vigilant of unsolicited phone calls and to report any calls of this nature to our membership team on 020 7549 2010.

The advice from Financial Fraud Action UK (FFAU) is to: 'Only divulge your card details in a telephone transaction when you have instigated the call and are familiar with the company'.

For more advice about protecting yourself from phone scams please refer to the FFAU website: