Children should play outside to help maintain healthy eyes

We comment in today’s Daily Express about the impact of technology on children’s eyes


Our Head of Professional Development, Karen Sparrow, comments on short sightedness in today’s Daily Express. According to new research, children who play on tablets or computer game consoles all the time and do not spend enough time outside could face a lifetime of short-sightedness. Karen advised that children should spend at least an hour a day playing outside to maintain healthy eyes. 

"There are many apps that are targeted towards children that they might play on their mum or dad's phone so children are doing a lot more intensive close work than they were before. For your average British child, research has suggested they need to spend at least one hour a day outdoors running around and that helps slow down any eye changes. It's about moderation and balance, and children should spend time outdoors, not looking at computers" she said.