Triaging childhood eye conditions with the assistance of AI

Moorfields Eye Hospital and Dem Dx collaborate to incorporate machine learning into a platform that supports clinical decision making


A research partnership between Moorfields Eye Hospital and Dem Dx will develop machine learning to optimise a platform that aids clinical decision making.

As part of an initial trial, 13 paediatric nurses at the hospital will be trained to use the Dem Dx platform to help them triage conditions including different types of conjunctivitis, cellulitis and acute onset squints in children.

More than one million anonymised historical clinical records will be used to develop machine learning that will optimise the accuracy and relevance of the advice provided by the platform.

It is hoped that the partnership between Moorfields Eye Hospital and Dem Dx will lead to earlier and more accurate detection of common childhood eye diseases, shorter waiting times for patients and carers and more efficient use of clinical and laboratory tests.

Founder and chief executive of Dem Dx, Lorin Gresser, said the company looked forward to supporting Moorfields Eye Hospital as it expands the role of nurse practitioners in triage.

“Through our machine-learning partnership Dem Dx will also continue to develop and improve the quality of medical advice that we provide to all our users worldwide,” she shared.

Image credit: Pixabay