Visual simulator gives cataract patients a realistic impression of their post-surgery vision

Scientists have developed a new device that shows people what their vision would look like using a multifocal lens

Sight test

New technology helps cataract patients to gain a realistic impression of what their vision would be like with a multifocal lens.

The SimVis device, developed by scientists at the Spanish National Research Council, is a lightweight binocular visual simulator contained within a helmet.

Research published in Scientific Reports describes experiments that demonstrated the vision provided by SimVis is comparable to that of an intraocular lens.

Susana Marcos, from the Spanish National Research Council, explained: "Visual simulators are an ideal technique to provide patients with a new realistic experience of multifocality before the implantation of a new intraocular lens.”

Dr Marcos added that enabling patients to experiment with the vision provided by a multifocal lens before cataract surgery was helpful in reducing uncertainty and managing expectations.

Image credit: Yaiza Gonzalez/ CSIC Communication