MyEye 2.0 device recognised

The artificial vision device from OrCam wins accolade

Orcam’s new wearable artificial device, MyEye 2.0, has been recognised after winning a Last Gadget Standing competition at the Consumer Technology Association (CES) conference 2018.

The device, which is designed for people who are blind, partially sighted and have reading difficulties, enables the user to instantly read text off any surface. It can also help them recognise faces, bank notes and products.

Receiving the accolade, MyEye 2.0 was one of a number of devices selected by judges as finalists for the annual competition. It won the accolade after receiving the most online votes during a live event that was hosted by Yahoo Tech Founder, David Pogue.

OrCam released its first version of MyEye in 2015.

Launched towards the end of 2017, the MyEye 2.0, weighs less than one ounce, is wireless and works when mounted onto a user's glasses. New features for the updated device include an LED light that illuminates in dim light conditions and the ability to download software updates that we release automatically.

OrCam highlights that MyEye is the only wearable artificial vision technology that is activated by gestures and gaze.

Co-founder, CEO and chief technology officer of OrCam, Professor Amnon Shashua, said: “Thousands of users around the world have incorporated OrCam’s technology and rely on it in their daily lives. The second generation OrCam MyEye 2.0 will enable many thousands more to adopt the revolutionary device.”